WEST LA MUSIC-Where the Pros Shop


Phoenix House Award


Don Griffin West L.A. Music CAMP Award

West L. A. Music is the 24th Annual Music and Sounds Award Winner

Auralex Acoustics:
2006 Independent Specialist Retailer of the Year Award

New Times 4th Annual Guide
to the Best of Los Angeles
(May, 2000)
"Best Music Store"

“Most of the longhaired heavy metal dreamers wandering the streets of Hollywood have two choices when it comes to music stores. But opt for the low prices of, say, Guitar Center, and you wind up with salespeople that are rude at worst and clueless at best; find someplace with someone who knows something about what they sell, and you pay dearly for that knowledge. West L.A. Music usually has at least one person in the store who knows equipment and will eat their own profit margin—and more—to match someone else's advertised specials. And with its sales staff's low-pressure approach, you don't feel like you've been mugged.”

Music and Sound Retailer Awards:
2000 Most Effective Multi-Store Dealer - Recording-Related Products
2000 Best Multi-Store Dealer - Sound Reinforcement
1999 Best Dealer - Keyboards
1998 Best Dealer - Keyboards
1997 Best Dealer - Recording-Related Products
1992 Most Effective Dealer - Recording-Related Products
1991 Most Effective Dealer - Keyboards
1991 Most Effective Dealer - MIDI Hardware Products
1989 Most Effective Dealer - Effects/Signal Processors (Rack-Mounted)
1989 Most Effective Dealer - Electronic Drums
1989 Most Effective Dealer - Keyboards
1986 Music Dealer of the Year
1986 Most Effective Dealer - Keyboards
1985 Most Effective Dealer - Recording-Related Products
West L. A. Music's Wins Fifteenth Annual Music & Sound Awards


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