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  John Jorgenson and Brad Davis Clinic
at West L.A. Music

Photos by
Ed Terrio

Guitar virtuosos John Jorgenson and Brad Davis amazed West L.A. Music customers with their extraordinary blend of country, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, rock, and blues styles at a recent exclusive Southern California acoustic guitar clinic.

Jorgenson, known mostly for his work with the Hellecasters, the Desert Rose Band, and as a six-year member of the Elton John Band, treated fans to classic Desert Rose songs like “She Don’t Love Nobody.” Jorgenson also showcased his vast knowledge of Django Reinhardt gypsy jazz techniques. Jorgenson played Reinhardt in the film Head in the Clouds in 2004.

Brad Davis, who has played and recorded with Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Warren Zevon and Billy Bob Thornton, gave aspiring flatpickers an in-depth look at his flat picking techniques, including his “down-down-up” picking method – which even had Jorgenson taking notes.  Davis also captivated fans with a fiery version of his Nashville hit, “Big Timber”.

Music luminaries in attendance included Del Casher, noted guitarist and inventor of the wah-wah pedal, Johnny Tillotson, who’s 60’s hits included “Poetry in Motion” and “It Keeps Right On a Hurtin,” and Michael Lloyd, producer of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and numerous hit records.

Jorgenson Davis 1

Brad Davis (L) and John Jorgenson (R) launch into a song
from the Desert Rose Band
Jorgenson Davis 2

Brad discusses the “Down-Down-up” picking technique that he and John
used frequently during the clinic
Jorgenson Davis 3

Having played the role of Django Reihardt in the film, Head in the Clouds,
John shows the attentive audience Django’s two-fingered technique
Jorgenson Davis 4

Brad Davis performs a fiery version of his song Big Timber
Jorgenson Davis 5

Brad and John trading country and bluegrass licks
Jorgenson Davis 8

The West L.A. Music crowd of over 80 show their appreciation after John and Brad
tore into She Don’t Love Nobody, by the Desert Rose Band
Jorgenson Davis 9

West L.A. Music’s Don Griffin, 60’s star Johnny Tillotson, renowned guitarist and inventor of the wah-wah Del Casher, John Jorgenson, legendary producer Michael Lloyd and Brad Davis.
Jorgenson Davis 10

John Jorgenson (C) talks with fans and answers questions. Guitarist and inventor, Del Casher (L) joins the conversation
Jorgenson Davis 11

West L.A. Music’s Craig Goebbert gives out Takamine and Fender t-shirt
along with free Fender guitar strings to those who attended.

Takamine and Ovation guitars were tagged with exclusive clinic pricing of up to 60% off!