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We have received hundreds of letters
from happy customers.
Here are just a few examples:
I want to express my thanks and appreciation to you and West L.A. Music for having a gentleman like Ryan Mason on your team. I was privileged to meet him via the telephone recently and experience his extraordinary service and attention to detail regarding the purchase of a Motif XF7 for myself as well as 1 Motif XF8 and another Motif XF7 for my church. This was my first experience in dealing with West L.A. Music, and Ryan's gracious attitude, quality customer service, availability, and knowledge of the products made both transactions a very positive, pleasant experience. He handled the details related to the order and fulfillment of all three keyboards with professional excellence and coordinated everything related to the purchases. I commend you for having a person of Ryan's caliber in your employ, and thank you for recognizing the value of extraordinary employees who represent your company with such class.

Please pass along my thanks to Ryan for a job well done, and let him know that he will be my first call whenever I need any kind of musical equipment in the future.


Sheryl Palmquist
grammy letter 2011
The reason for this note is to make you aware of Brian's meticulous and excellent handling of a recent drum case purchase I made at West L.A. Music.  Moreover, his prompt handling and follow-up of an exchange involving this same purchase went above and beyond what most would do. In short, he listened to my concerns and acted in my best interests while at the same time considering the interests of his employer's bottom line.  Striking this delicate balance with any measure of real success can often times be challenging.

Therefore, in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, I'd like to recognize Brian's hard (and smart) work.  Kudos.

Thanking you for your time and with kind regards,

Arturo Gil

I just received the beautiful and well crafted MA-300 yesterday and would like to register it but it is not on the menu yet. just did some mid side last night with the 200/300 pair, let me just say thank you thank you thank you. Ziv Gross at West LA Music really came through, he turned me on to Mojave. I am proud to have one of the first batch of MA-300's, gonna make mr Tim Easton jealous :)


grammy letter 2011
spars letter
taxi letter

Dear West LA Music,

I just moved into LA from MN 4 months ago and I was able to take in your music expo last weekend!
Thank you so much for offering it to us all - and freely!
The quality of the speakers and workshops were fabulous and I learned lots, as well as feeling very encouraged as a musician out here. Keep it up!

Oh and I appreciated the help from David Barker that I received at the expo! Thanks!

Tara B

I would just like to thank each of you for being part of a fantastic day at Taylor Guitars for me and my fiance earlier today.

Not only are Taylor guitars the finest instruments available, but the staff is completely first rate, professional, courteous, and amazingly knowledgeable.

Thats hard to come by in any business these days. It is a strong reason why myself and so many others are Taylor brand fanatics, in the same way that people are passionate about Apple Computers and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Having a great product and a great team of enthusiastic people is a special thing, and I just want you to know many of us really appreciate it.

Billy, thank you for being so generous with your time and efforts for the last few weeks. Your help and suggestions have been invaluable.

Joe, thank you for personally helping us select the wood for my BTO, and for your expertise.

Chris, thank you for the help and advice with the guitars I brought in for service. I cant believe you guys were actually  working on them the SAME day. Amazing.

Mark, thanks for setting this all up for me. It was a phenomenal day, building a BTO, taking the factory tour, getting my instruments serviced, and meeting these guys.

I have been buying, playing, and collecting guitars for almost 30 years, and the building of a customized Taylor BTO feels like the culmination of all that i have come to love about woods, tones, and art, all coming together.

I am even planning to take a small piece of the leftover wood from my BTO and use it in my wedding band, when I get married later this year!

Thanx again to all of you for a great day in El Cajon!


David Wirth

I REALLY love West L.A. Music! I'm an artist who lives in Long Beach. It's worth it to drive all the way to the store because I know you guys are going to have what I need.
The packaged bundles (of EVERYTHING) makes the price right. I usually go there to buy something simple like the newest DAW software but end up buying Elixr Strings (or something like that) to last me the next year ahead for my studio equipment. I have also gone to some of your sponsored seminars and even won some valuable software for my home studio. In this day of digital over analog, West L.A. Music beats ALL the other stores exponentially in service, value, events and stock many times over.
I'm currently deployed to Kuwait with my Reserve unit. I have my cheapo guitar, not my Martin, writing music for the band I will start (Alpha Chihuahua) when I get back next August.
Keep it up! And thanks for sticking around to help us musicians!



Grammy Foundation Letter Don Griffin

Hi Ryan and the other guys in the Drum Department.......
Thanks for locating the Yamaha Direct Drive and Ludwig Speed King Bass Pedals for me.
They are working out nicely.
In the future if I need any equipment I'll go through West L.A. Music.

Thank you very much!

Jon Phipps

Hey Pam,

Thanks for working off the clock to get my Mercury bundle set up for downloading. Much appreciated!
Tommy Shaw

Hi Mark

I received the Masterlink link today on Wednesday-what great service! Thanks again you saved my butt, I'm a TV composer on Extra & TMZ & my other Masterlink died-so this was very much needed.

all the best

BHP Music, Ltd.

Just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your working with me on these guitars. The super price you gave me in addition to letting me lay these away, made it possible to get them, which was a lot more than I envisioned when I first called.

Also, it's very cool working with such nice guys!
Really appreciate everything!


Hey Marc,

I wanted to let you know that the Dynaudio monitors you sold me are sounding fabulous. They are a perfect match for my music projects and the room I work in. My clients are totally loving the "depth" of the tracks I have been writing for them.

Thanks so much for your time and help in finding the right set for me! I hope to be down there soon for more goodies.


Hey Don,

Thanks. It's nice to hear from you. I'm still playing (and loving) that Casino I picked up at West L.A. Music after Stagecoach a couple of years ago.

I hope all is well with you and yours.


David Serby

I just had a great phone call from a customer named Tom Reyes (who has been shopping here since the 70's). He wanted me to pass the word along to you that he received excellent service from Peter Brunner. His was thrilled with the fact that he has been receiving the same treatment since he was a kid and always gets his questions answered.
Peter bent over backwards to get this guy the technical service he needed and was appreciative enough to extend a phone call this way. I just wanted to let you know!!!


Mr. Adjieff,

I have been a customer of West LA Music since the late
70's, making many purchases from software to computers,
drum machines, synths, etc etc. Recently, I encountered
some mind boggling computer and softward issues in re-
gard to Digital Performer and MOTU interfaces.

I have to tell you that William Jenkins at your Cahuenga
store was the paragon of excellent customer service.
His professionalism and patience was exemplary. He was
polite, helpful, and above all knowledgeable. I have
dealt with music store personel for many years, and
William is outstanding. I will continue to patronize your
business and I congratulate you on keeping a high
standard of excellence in your employees.


David N. Snyder
pka "Ben Conga"


Great big THANK YOU once again. Being an acoustic band it is very important to have the correct sound of the instruments and vocals and it was a pleasure spending the time being educated with all the great people at WESTLAKE PRO and West LA Music. We came looking for mic's to get our sound and we did just that. You guys are the BEST!

Thanks again,
Susie Glaze and the Hilonesome Band

I am the Asst. TD/ Master Electrician for Loyola Marymount University's theater department. We have been in the process of constructing a vocal studio in our building. We came to West LA because of connections and previous experience with purchasing through the West LA location. We were partnered with Ryan Mason and I wanted to let you know that he represented West LA Music perfectly. The experience was among the best that I have ever had when purchasing high end gear.

I wanted to let you know that Ryan as earned West LA my support for future purchases for this project and that he should be commended for a job well done.

Rob Hillig
Master Electrician/Asst Technical Director
Loyola Marymount University
Theater Dept.

Hey Alex!

Thank you so much for all your help in my future performing comfort! Hope you are well,
and thank you very much for your patience and your wonderful attitude
with helping me make this purchase. I feel confident I will LOVE my new throne, and I will not
hesitate to call you with any future purchases. I will also highly recommend you to my fellow
drummer/percussionists, for any of their needs! You ROCK!
Thanks again,
I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for getting my orders hip-hop-and-happening…the Blue Robbie arrived the next day after the order was place!  So…

Hi Mark,

It's Lisa from Pinnacle College. First of all we would like to thank you so much for speaking at our graduation. Your speech was excellent!! Your googling, I mean "research", paid off!! It was funny, captivating, inspirational, and heartwarming (especially for me with the kind words about Brian Ingoldsby)...the best commencement speaker we have had to date!! I wanted to express my gratitude on Friday, but I couldn't reach you through the crowd of graduates and their families.

Thanks Kindly,

I've recently moved back to LA after being gone for 12 years. Over the years I find myself buying new gear on line. This is mainly due to not finding a truly exceptional sales person.

I was introduced to Noel Gould at the recent ASCAP expo in LA. What a pleasure to find an individual who is truly competent and actually listens to what is being said and responds to it accordingly. That, and an amiable personality makes a great experience for me when looking to purchase new gear. Thanks to Noel's ability as a knowledgeable salesman at West LA Music I very happy with my recent purchases.

John Capo

P.S. Noel, hooked up the ADL 600 today. Thanks for the advice, sounds remarkable.


I am the Asst. TD/ Master Electrician for Loyola Marymount University's theater department.

We have been in the process of constructing a vocal studio in our building. We came to West LA because of connections and previous experience with purchasing through the West LA location. We were partnered with Ryan Mason and I wanted to let you know that he represented West LA Music perfectly. The experience was among the best that I have ever had when purchasing high end gear.

I wanted to let you know that Ryan as earned West LA my support for future purchases for this project and that he should be commended for a job well done.

Rob Hillig
Master Electrician/Asst Technical Director
Loyola Marymount University
Theater Dept.

Letter to James from Satisfied Customer

Mar 31, 2010

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say how great it is to work with
jon when I come to west la music. He always takes care of me well,
knows his stuff, and always gives me good advice based on what I
need!! Awesome guy!!!

Thanks for having a great shop!!!
Benson Russell


Just a follow-up to my e-Bay purchase of the Korg D1600 digital 16-track.
My original Korg developed an occasional freezing problem. I purchased this one and couldn't be more happy. The whole experience was exceptional.
So far, my new Korg is performing flawlessly, and it looks brand new. Thank you very much for the excellent customer service. And thatnk you for the hat. I wear it more than I use the Korg! ( I live in Oregon!)
Scott Wright
From: nicholas
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 3:46 PM
To: Mel Tribble
Subject: GREAT STAFF ....


Hi Rick,

Did you have fun at the TAXI Rally? Hopefully you guys sold some software after I mentioned on the panel I was on that composers have to have the latest, greatest sounds for their music!

Vance went to the Recording Expo last week and said it was awesome and he saw a lot of great people there. Thanks to all of you for putting that on -- we appreciate it.

You had asked me at the TAXI Rally to write a testimonial for the website, so here it goes:

We've been doing business with West L.A. Music since 2003. The staff is great. They got us started with our first ProTools set up and we honestly couldn't have done it without them at that time. We've been going there ever since and it's worth the two-hour drive from San Diego! - Tracey & Vance Marino, composers for Harpo Productions

Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving!

Your friends in San Diego,

Tracey J. & Vance Marino
SongMaker Productions
Composers / Musicians / Producers / Songwriters

Hey Ryan,

Got the 8x14 case and some heads from you yesterday. Just wanted to tell you thank you for the work you did tracking down that case. I've always had killer service at West L.A. Music - but the time you spent tracking down that case was AWESOME. It was a relief and I knew you guys would come through. So, again, thank you for the help AND the great deal.


From: Luc Robitaille
To: Mark Spiwak

Thanks mark, lets go kings

From: Mark Spiwak
To: Luc Robitaille

Luc, I just wanted to congratulate you on be half of everyone here at West La Music on your up coming Induction into the NHL Hall of Fame. I have many fond memories of seeing you play at both the Forum and Staples. Whenever you hit the ice we knew something great was about to happen and you always came through for your fans. I'll never forget the Stanley Cup Party at your home and the great time that we had. It was over the top with food and fun.(and good cigars too !!!!) I attended about fifteen home games at Staples last year and the experience just keeps getting better and better.

Good Luck next year and Let's get that Cup for the KINGS !!!

Mark Spiwak - Sales Manager

West L.A. Music's Don Griffin with Los Angeles Kings hockey legend
and all-time leading scorer, Luc Robitaille, and West L.A. Music's Rick Waite

A quick thank you for working with me on the Hi Hat exchange. The Armands go perfectly with my other cymbals and the kit is now complete in time for my July 4th weekend gigs.

Take care

Bob Boatkrazi

Hi, during the past years I've been buying from you several things among
them two Neumann mics. Now I'm so happy and proud to show you the ad
they created with my image. I'm coming to the store in Santa Monica next week,
so see you soon!

Best regards,

Myriam O.

Hello Mr. Don,

My name is J. Scott Mercer and I am just a drumming fool from Louisiana. I teach drums as well, and have been all over the country and abroad to music stores ad nauseum. I wanted you to know how impressed I was with your store in West LA, mostly so with the personnel. In particular, Mr. Frank in the Drum dept. was unlike any other Drum boss around. He was patient and very knowledgeable, and accommodated all my tediousness. I am a very picky dude, and he was very cool with that! After walking in with the desire to purchase a practice kit, I walked out with a throne, BAD ASS snare, set of Paiste cymbals and a hi-hat stand. Primarily due to Frank. OK, I just wanted you to know how much value Mr. Eck adds to your impressive shop. Looking forward to a long an fruitful relationship with you folks and hope you stick around for decades to come. Thanks for the great experience!

J. Scott Mercer

Just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your working with me on these guitars. The super price you gave me in addition to letting me lay these away, made it possible to get them, which was a lot more than I envisioned when I first called.

Also, it's very cool working with such nice guys!

Really appreciate everything!

Gary VanKoten


Got your voice mail following up on my son's Sabian crash cymbals. Thanks for the call. He loves the cymbals, and would almost rather play on his drums than do anything else. The upgrade seems to have really improved his confidence and playing. Thanks for your patience and expertise in picking them out. I told Eric we'll make a point to always shop at West LA for whatever we need.

Thanks again, and we'll see you soon.

John (and Eric) Bowers

This client had just bought a Taylor 810CE ($2500.00) from a big box competitor and they told him it was in new condition and a 2009 model. Both statements were completely wrong and needless to say he was very upset. He called Universal City and I happened to pick up the phone and just listened. All I responded with was "Tell me what it will take to earn your business and I will do my best to make it happen". From there it was a collaborative effort with Steve Bernstein, myself and Pam to get it shipped that same day from Taylor and delivered to the Santa Monica the next as the client lives right by that location. Steve and Pam came through (as usual), dropped what they were doing and got this guitar out in perfect shape and as they say the rest is history.

-Nick Chaires


This transaction was absolutely outstanding. John Levine fetched the guitar for me and was able to hand it off in the box. I was literally stunned at how great the action and set up were right out of the box, in fact, I took it to my guitar tech so he could check it out and he was highly impressed too. You have done more in one transaction to win my business than GC has in 10 years. Everything was great and I am very pleased. Please count me among your satisfied customers. I will definitely be shopping with you in the future, which if history is any indication will be soon and frequently. Thanks again for everything. This was easily my best guitar purchasing experience from someone who has quite a few.


Hi Mark,

Ah cool, thanks a lot Mark!!! We're cool for the moment, but thanks for offering to help, we really appreciate it! We've bought stuff from you in the past. You have a great drum selection! Thanks for being cool!


Hi Don,

Thanks for hosting an exceptional Pro Tools presentation.  Sean Halley is an extraordinary teacher and advocate for Pro Tools.  He generated a lot of excitement for Version 8 and made a host of new friends for WLA Music.  Bravo.
Hi Nick,

I got the package last friday, sorry to let you know so late!
Thanks so much, the Rick is beautiful and it sounds great! I've been playing all week.
Thanks so much for being such a good seller :)
I'll recommend you!

From now on, you will get all my business, I'm
very impressed.
Thank you again,

Mark and Don,

I owe you a large Thank You!!!  Sorry it took awhile for me to do so.
Thank you both for your help and support in my system purchase.  I have it all up and running and now learning through trial by fire!!!
I hope all is well with you both and if you ever get down to Newport Beach area, I would like to buy you a drink!
Again, Thank You!
Have a great week!

Best regards,
Director, Corporate Accounts

U know Mark... I'm really glad I chose to visit your store for my first instrument purchase in LA. From day one I got very good service from you so I thank you for that. You are my main man when it comes to musical gear needs in LA. I have been to Guitar center in Hollywood a few times for some minor stuff, but I can't stand to shop there.

I have to go back to Norway in a couple of weeks because I'm running out of my 90 days (visa waiver program). But I'll be back in a very short while. I want to start my career here and I think there is a good chance for that.

You can check out a preview/listen of my cd here:


The cd is a collection of some old demos and some brand new stuff recorded with the Ovation and the Charvel guitars.

It is homemade, but I think there is some good sounding music here. I'll hook you up with a copy. I have registered with CDbaby.com so they will be my main distributor. And they will take the cd to Itunes and other digital stores. It is pretty cool.

Take care Mark and keep in touch!

Hi Don,

Thanks so much for your help and generous support for our patient. I know we helped make her life a little brighter by giving her the ability to play in her hospital room. You are a sweetheart and I can not thank you enough. It was great to see you and I look forward to seeing you very soon!


Dear Don

Thanks a million for the gift for the Childrens Music Fund. You are helping us make a difference in very sick kids lives. God Bless and thanks from all our kids.


Hi Shane,

The PC3X is amazing. I am not talking about the bells and whistles. I am talking about playability. I played a 3 hour gig this past Sunday(using my old 60W Roland Jazz Chorus). It was the most relaxing performance I have ever had. There is a soft bottom in that keyboard that makes it very easy to lay into a soft chord with precise feel. I only used 3 sounds (standard grand, hot rhodes, and a wurly) but will look forward to using the other sounds in future applications.

Thank you for the recommendation on the piano, I will make referrals to your store whenever possible. In the mean time I look forward to receiving the amp and visiting you again for future business.


Hi Noel,

I got the gear, I just wanted to thank you.

I really appreciate all you've done.

Thanks again,

Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for finding a quicker solution for me, please thank your owner as well. Your service, friendliness and customer care from this situation impress me so much, I will always be doing my business with West LA music.I will of course send the other Apogee and Korg control back to you if they do somehow show up. Thanks to you my show can go on as planed on December 15th! Feel free to
check out my music at www.jamiekcrawford.com or www.myspace.com/jamiekmusic

Hope your having a great holiday season

Jamie K Crawford

Hi Don,

Long time no see, my friend. I was in last month to purchase some new gear. I also brought an associate of mine. As usual, Noel was immensely helpful. He did the necessary research for me and arranged to have the various gear I needed made available. He also told us about some other things and we spent another few thousand dollars. And well spent. Noel is the rare one that knows, uses, and stays on top of the pro gear out there. I can always count on him for filling in the blanks I'm not sure of, and making me aware of similar options. And of course being the long standing customer and friend of West L.A. Music that I am, I never have to wonder about prices, he always does right by me. Thank God there are some Noel's in the industry.

Good thinking of you.

My best, Jake Fleder


My name is Kfir and i'm from Israel. First I want to let you know that West L.A. Music is very famous in Israel. We, the Israeli drummers count you the best store in the world for drum and musical instruments. Mostly, by the way, because of Tomer [i don't know his last name] who lives in LA.

Thanks a lot!
Kfir Shapira.

Hey Nick,

Wanted to say thanks for your help on Saturday.  I love my new axes and I will be back.  You guys are great!
I appreciate your great customer service and will come back when I'm ready to pick up a new amp.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for all that you and your staff have done for me in the past few weeks.  I deeply appreciate the personal, detailed support you have given me with respect to this current hardware upgrade.  I'm very happy with my purchase.  Darin is a real asset to me and I wanted you to know how helpful and attentive he has been.  I look forward to many more equipment purchases in the future.

Best Regards,
Tim Jones
Hi Andy, it's Rik from England. I bought the Les Paul 1960 classic from you a couple of weeks ago. Just like to say I got it back no problems. I gigged it Saturday, sounds awesome. Just like to say thanks for all your help and hope to do business again some day.


My name is Linus with The Do Music Productions.

I wanted to say thank you on behalf of our company for your superb service in terms of David Marchese. I like that he has that player/coach sensibility in his recommendations for best quality at price point.

We were in a jam with the Focusrite ISA428 malfunctioning at a time when we had to meet a deadline with our new client.

David made sure we had it for that day and we did. Our client is happy with our work.

I've been shopping with West La Music since 1989 and will continue to make all essential equipment purchases not only because you guys beat any deal but also for the way David Marchese handled this particular situation. David Marchese cares and that's rare.

Looking forward to a Prosperous Future. Thank you for helping us make that possible.

The Do Music Productions

Hey Mark,

Jackson Browne here - I just want to thank you for the Korg manual you got for me last year. I realized a ways back that I never really thanked you properly when I got it. I appreciate SO MUCH that you could do that for me. My friend was ecstatic to get the Korg I sent him from Spain, but of course the manual is essential. You are an Ace!


I would like to thank you and your exceptional staff (especially John Burrola) in your sales dept. I am a PTA volunteer at an elementary school in Torrance and recently had our drama department's sound board stolen. We researched on the Internet to find the right unit to replace it with. I have several musician friends that frequent your store and I had recalled them regularly sharing the satisfaction they have had at your Santa Monica Bl. location. That's when I called you. You suggested I contact John and he was very knowledgeable and gave me the best price.

It was an enormous relief to be able to call you guys and have exactly what I needed in my hands in a matter of a couple of days! You guys are lifesavers an we will always call you first with any of our audio or musical needs.

Tony Argento

To Whom It May Concern,

I needed assistance with an item that I had purchased at West L.A. Music. My sales associate has been Ryan Mason. I want to acknowledge his outstanding customer service. I purchased a CD player with extended warranty. After several months of problems with the unit, I took the unit to the TASCAM repair center only to discover that the unit had a 90 day parts and labor, one year parts warranty coverage. TASCAM did not honor extended warranties and I'd need to pay for the labor. I later phoned Ryan and explained my situation to him. I feel that he went above and beyond the service that I normally will receive with an issue with a purchased item from other retailers and especially at this time of the year. He returned phone calls, kept me informed with what was happening with the unit. He has been instrumental in ensuring a repeat customer to your establishment. I hope that he will be acknowledged for his excellent service and professionalism.

Steve Barreto

Dear Don Griffin,


You have won a Music & Sound Award honoring the best dealers during 2007. We are greatly sorry we missed you at NAMM. But here's your award!

Music & Sound Dealer Awards are voted on by a large number of manufacturers and manufacturer representatives. They said you are the best!

Once again, congratulations!

If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Keep up the great work!

Brian Berk

Editor, the Music & Sound Retailer

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Dear Don Griffin,

Sir, this is just a quick email to say thank you for your help along with a member of your staff, Jon Bingham, in enabling me to purchase this beautiful Gibson J200. I received a lot of help from Jon... I would say “above and beyond the call”... I was worried that I was beginning to “bug” him somewhat with my phone calls to him. But he was patience itself. My friend who collected the guitar for me also praised your sales team (he called them good lads).

A warm and friendly atmosphere... very welcoming... Thank you once again.

Eddy Cahill

Dear Friends and Customers,

West L.A. Music will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2008, and we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your business over the past four decades. We’ll keep you posted on special events throughout the year, but for now, we would like to sincerely thank you for your loyalty and support.

We opened our doors in 1968 with the goal of offering musicians and studios the best possible prices on the finest products in the industry. Since that time, we introduced our “We Will Beat Any Deal” price policy. Others have tried to copy this offer, but we really mean it! Today, our prices continue to be the lowest in the USlower than any competitor’s sale prices, chain store prices, grand opening prices, internet prices or mail order prices.

At West L.A. Music, you will always find the best prices and the latest products. We are so committed to our “Best Price Guarantee” policy that we will beat any deal from any authorized stocking dealer anywhere in the US. It’s that simple!

West L.A. Music has always specialized in cutting edge, state of the art products. We were the first music dealer in the US to stock professional recording equipment, and the first to offer digital recording, broadcast, and computer products to our customers. Today you’ll find a complete selection of professional products from the leading manufacturers in the industry. We believe we offer more brands and more models of professional music, audio, recording and broadcast equipment than any dealer or internet site in the country.

After 40 years of serving major entertainment companies, recording studios and top artists, West L.A. Music is stronger than ever! You've seen our equipment on stages all over the world, and you’ve heard our products on countless hit records, television shows, and feature films. When you shop at West L.A. Music, you join today’s top pros. We pride ourselves on offering you the same great service and the same great prices, whether you’re working on your next hit record, scoring a feature film, or just starting out.

Our commitment to serving the music, audio, recording and broadcast communities, plus our promise of excellent customer service and the lowest prices on the industry’s leading products remains as strong as ever.

On behalf of the entire West L.A. Music staff, thank you again!

Don Griffin, President

Dear Rick,

I just had to send you this e-mail to give great praise to Christina, the very nice saleswoman in your West L.A. (Santa Monica Blvd) Store.

My son (Danny del Rey) and I stopped in your store last Thursday and checked out a 1960 Les Paul. Christina went out of her way to make us feel welcome. She even gave my son one of your promotional T-shirts, which made his day (and trip to L.A.).

I will definitely spread the word about your store here in MPLS. My son (age 14 and plays professionally here) says he will plug your store and wear the t-shirt on stage!:). Please thank Christina for us again.

Best regards,
Rich Hechter and Danny del Rey!

Dear Don,

On behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, thank you very much for your generous donation of Kenny Chesney signed guitar with case, stand, Certificate of Authority, and a progam from show where guitar was signed to the Rising Stars 2007 auction held October 26, 2007. Your donation is tax deductible in accordance with IRS requirements.

The dinner was a phenomenal success, and the auction a hit! Thank you for your generous donation of two night resort accommodations for two to the silent auction. Most importantly your donation has helped Big Brothers Big Sisters continue its mission-- providing role models to little girls and boys in need We thank you for your kindness and for your commitment to our cause.

Please keep us in mind for next year's Rising Stars Gala! Again, we thank you sincerely for your generosity.

Best regards,
Pam Dawber Rising Stars 2007 Gala Chair

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Dear Mr. Andy Winston,

A heartfelt thank you goes out to you and your staff at West L.A. Music for putting on such a wonderful program for the families who come to West Los Angeles Regional Branch Library. I know that the children were younger than you were expecting, but you and your staff did a great job interacting with them and making them welcome and comfortable in your store. The demos of the different equipment, the hands-on opportunities for the children, and the impromptu sing-along were enjoyed by all and it looks like there are some budding musicians in our midst!

Please feel free to contact me if the library can help you in any way or in you are interested in a collaborative project in the future.


Deborah Spector

Children's PRogram
West Los Angeles Regional Branch Library

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George, Don, Mel and FINE CREW, Thank-you again!  Thanks for helping me, the set-up, the tear-down and in general making it a great night for us all.  

I went into it almost exhausted (just my schedule that day, darn it, I got to learn not to put in a full day's work beforehand), and I know the audience was tired of the traffic too.....but we ended all energized from it all...such good questions and you made it all happen!  The backup and support I got made last night a huge success, THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart!  Everyone at your store is great, and it was fun to speak with Don too, he's something else, no wonder you all are terrif people and have such a fine store.

All the best, Carol Kaye

Dear Don,

We're excited to tell you that–thanks to your generosity–the 17th Annual Wells Fargo Hollywood Charity Horse Show was another incredibly successful occasion. Thank you for supporting these causes that have been dear to us for so long.

All of our expenses are underwritten by a private donor, so that every dollar of you donation goes right to the children–meaning that you are directly contributing to the futures of thousands underprivileged children or those with mental or physical challenges. Thanks to you, these children will have the opportunity to better their difficult lives. These achievements come as a result of the devotion and selflessness of people like you.

We are truly grateful for you generous charitable donation of an autographed Epiphonee PR150 acoustic guitar and Fender Stratocaster guitar. Through your help, our live auction raised a great deal of money. Your gift is deeply appreciated by all of us, as well as all of the children who benefit from the work of our wonderful charities–AHEAD with Horses and Camp Max Straus.

Thank you again and we hop to see you next year!


William Shatner
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I'm writing to express my appreciation of your salesperson Lamar Mitchell's great helpfulness, patience, and courtesy when I got a midi keyboard this afternoon. I got one at your store yesterday from another salesperson, but back at home I couldn't get it to install or make sound. When I brought it back today Lamar immediately told me it doesn't make sound and suggested one that does. I'm a composer, and he understood when I said I need to try out chords before inputting them. My laptop was being stubborn this afternoon, Lamar steadily kept me on course and away from despair and eventually convinced my laptop to install the new keyboard's software.

Thank you

Harriet Katz


Guitars and family are back in Australia. Thanks for the great deals and we look forward to hearing from your amplifiers.

Kind Regards

Paul, Betty, Nicholas and Dean


I don't have time to write notes to people praising someone in their organization, but today I am making an exception....A couple of days ago, I called Guitar Ctr. Pasadena to see if they had any Shure E3 earphones. I was told , yes , they have "one", and I drove 15 miles in the middle of the day to purchase it. When I got there , I was told it wasn't where it was supposed to be...on the wall...but the computer said it was in the store. I waited over 30 minutes while they looked , and called my bandmate, Jim Yukich , to see what else we needed for a gig this coming Sunday ( invite attached ) . As usual, a variety of other items were needed , and Gtr Ctr. had maybe 2 of the 6 other items ...somewhere in the store. Jim called West L.A. and spoke with Nick.....who did something very few people , other than possibly someone who owns the place, ever do. He asked Jim some simple but important questions...what are you looking for, how much are THEY charging you, and what can I do to get your business ?

Fast forward to me picking up everything we need from Nick, being treated like a valued customer ...even by the man who checked the package at the door to see if I had slipped an extra speaker cabinet into my 10x12 in" bag....    Now, we don't have a famous band , and the attached bio is slightly tongue in cheek, but we have purchased  LOTS of expensive gear over the past 5 years that we have actually been together. Nick also asked the name of our band on the phone with Jim....not a dumb thing to do, given the fact that besides someone's personal name , the name of their band...if they have one...is actually something people like to hear.

To wrap this up, I have known Marty Albertson for over 10 years, and generally have had a pleasant experience at Guitar Center. However, when I am waiting for something that can't be found that I was told was in stock, and I have to be the one to suggest they call another store to see if it is in stock, and then when the guy calls and they say  " sure , we've got that stuff" and the guy doesn't have the presence of mind to ask the other guy to please go put his hands on the items to " make sure " they are there, given the fact that  ( and here the first guy also needs to look under my name in their database...that computer thing...to see how much crap I've bought over the years ..) ..given the fact that a pretty good knuckle headed customer just wasted some of his valuable time running to the Pasadena store ...well ,enough about me...have you heard of my band ? George , give Nick a raise, Nick is special. 

All the best,

Jesse R. Sherrod Jr.


I just wanted to say "thank you" again for all you have done to make "the sounds of silence" come alive again!!!!

Thanks to you and your staff, the cafeteria at Pacific School  sounds so  incredibly awesome!!!!  Yes, I put the rack together over the weekend and played with the mics and stuff in my garage before taking it to school.  And as I was playing around with the system, my 13 yr. old son soon told me that the cops were on the street because the music was too loud - - - - but the cops weren't there - - instead I just turned the system down a bit.  But can you blame me?  Good speakers... good power... good sound....  could be a great block party!

I know how extremely busy you are - but did want to let you know how appreciated you are as well.  BTW - I loved your new keyboard person in the store - we talked a good bit about the Yamaha ES 8 Motif - very helpful!  Noel was awesome - I'd love to hear him actually perform piano one day - - I bet he's great!

Your generosity is acknowledged and for that, I can't thank you enough!

Do Take Care - - -

Laurie Draper

Dear Tara,

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for West L.A. Music's generous contribution and participation in Windwards' Battle of the Bands. The event was a fantastic success and enabled us to raise more than $8500. This year, 55 high school students attended the event, our biggest turnout yet.

As you may be aware, the monies raised by Windward were donated to Direct Change, John Dau's foundation, which was established to help build a hospital in his home town of Dinka, Sudan. This is the first and only hospital in the area and will enable thousands of people who now have to travel more than 75 miles on foot to obtain medical treatment.

Your participatoin was extremely meaningful and one of the reasons why our event was so successful. We thank you again and are looking forward to another successful event next year.

Best regards,

Trisha Bakst
on behalf of The Windward School Parents, Staff, and Students

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I was only 10 or 11.  You were in the back of a house on Federal Ave, I think.  You sold me your used Fender guitar.  It was black with some red/orange.  I was never much good at guitar, but my son is really good and I buy his equipment at WLA Music.  He's only 14 and has been invited to play at The Roxy and The Whisky. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to you.  I hope you are doing well.

-Dan Zuckerman

On behalf of the Arts Council for Long Beach, I extend my sincerest gratitude to West L.A. Music, for providing a substantial discount on 50 Remo drums, in support of our annual "State of the Arts" luncheon/fundraiser on September 12, 2006. Guests of this annual event include 500 of the finest civic, cultural and community leaders from Long Beach and surrounding areas.

The drums were displayed at the luncheon, then donated to Arts & Services for Disabled - a local organization that services Disabled Adults through multi-disciplinary arts education.

Companies like West L.A. Music, who understand the value of community outreach through the arts, continue to enhance the landscape of cultural advocacy, and to create a more arts-appreciative environment for all. On a personal level, it also inspires me to continue in this noble, but too-often undervalued field of service to the arts

West L.A. Music and Remo Inc. were included in the list of Sponsors during the program video presentation, and are also listed in the program, which I have included for your records(and for your enjoyment!). Both Companies also received a "thank you" mention during the course of the event.

You should have seen how warm and festive the room looked with the Kids Konga, Kids Tubano and Festival Djembes as centerpieces on 50 tables set with golden tablecloths. The drums were such a great hit, that we had to pry them from more than a few guests' hands as they were on their way out! (I'll be contacting you later this week to place an order for those eager Remo drum owners!)

Your willingness to work with the Art Council - to help us see our vision through to completion - has been exemplary. I look forward to meeting you soon, and to other partnerships in the future!

Best Wishes,

Marti Walker

- Program

Hey, Boris, thanks for sending me all that right away. I really appreciate it. Now I kind of understand the knobs and buttons. The answer to the Question 3 was a big help. I did as you instructed and now it really does sound good. ( Yes I was singing to the back of the Mic....and the drive knob was way too high.) And about the earphones, now they work fine as long as I plug in 2/3 instead of all the way. When I plug in all the way to mobile Pre USB, I can only listen from the left, this is funny but now I've found a way to work it right, so everything is cool.

Well, once again you are a great salesman! I wasn't planning to buy all that, I just wanted to see what I needed .... but I did buy! Anyway I'd rather buy someone who knows what he is doing and helps me than other people who are there just to get paid.

Keep on good work, Boris!


Dear Mr. Griffin,

Because of you, our auction this year was better than ever!! Your donation of an autographed guitar by Big Kenny, John Rich and Cowboy Troy including the bag and stand, along with the other generous gifts from our many donors, made it a year to remember. You have made it possible for us to give generous support to these charities:

Ahead with Horses; Share's Child Disability Center at Cedars-Sinai; Exceptional Children's Foundation; Hathaway Sycamores Child & Family Services; Kayne-Eras Center; Sophia T Slavin Special Education Center; Stuart House; Center for the Partially Sighted; and Team Prime Time.

With the many organizations that come to you for help each year, we are extremely grateful that you chose Share Inc. to be among your recipients.

With Share's help, the lives of many will significantly improve, and we could not do that without the help of our generous donors.

On behalf of Share, and the children and families we serve, we give you our heartfelt thanks!!

Jan Sarnoff
Share Auction, Raffle Chairman

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Rick and Stu,

You guys ROCK! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how great you and West L.A. Music are. You really went the extra mile to get me that Fender Nashville Power Tele when other places kept dropping the ball. You've created yet another loyal, lifetime customer and I look forward to the next time I need to get some gear because I know you guys will come through come hell or high water. Thank again.

Rock On!
-Bobby Stapf

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Yo Dude, service was excellent, really appreciate your patience,
that's what a great salesman is about!!!!!!!! Good job buddy......will
be back......one!!!!!

Davien aka "Supa Dave"

G'day fellas its James here. I bought the PRS custom 22 off you recently. I just wanted to email you and let you know I received it safe and sound and it sings like a bird! Absolutely a fantastic machine. Also i wanted to say a huge thanks to both of you for your hospitality and kindness to me and my sister while we were there i really appreciate it...you've got my future business and everyone i speak to will be referred to you. Thanks again and I will speak to you soon!


James Hale

I just wanted to tell you that I could not have been happier with your consistent service with me and my ABSOLUTE satisfaction with my guitar. I purchsed a D-42 from you yesterday, and I can't get it out of my hands!! After all of the running around I made you do, I want you to know that I feel like I have found my whole self. This guitar is so perfect and I could not have achieved this without your continued support and service. Thank you travis. You were patient, always willing to help and your mantra of, "I just want you to get the guitar you want" made it so easy for me to DO just that. This is MY guitar and you have a customer for life. No matter where i end up...lol. Now I have to go back and re-record everything I have ever done, and so I should be bus for a while.

A very satisfied customer,
Bradford Hastings

I was the bass player that you met at the club. I just wanted to say your store really is my favorite and has been for my 20 years in the business working with people like David Crosby, Al Jarreau, Whitney Houston, and now with guitarist Robben Ford. Whenever I am looking for software, samples, or even a bass amp that nobody else has, your store seems to have it. Thanks for stopping me and introducing yourself.

Andrew Ford

Thanks for all your help. You guys are great. I have a guitar center near me and I barely go there for sticks. What mayhem. I don't know how that store stays in business. None of the pro cats that I know can stand that place. Unfortunately, there's nothing around here like you guys. However, there's always UPS!!
Dear Don and Rick,

I believe you guys are the head honchos at West LA music. I'm a composer and filmmaker, and have been a customer for almost ten years. Recently I purchased a new Protools rig from you guys, and as usual I went straight to Noel Gould to handle everything for me.

I don't even bother speaking to the competition, because I know Noel always gives me the best deals. But what makes Noel really awesome is his absolute passion for the products he sells. I ummed and ahhed for a long time to upgrade my system, but in the end it was Noel's absolute persistence that made me do the deal.... and the fact he bought a similar system for his own studio. I knew I was buying stuff he really believed in, and that helped clinch the deal.

Noel's the only guy in town I'll buy from, and I wanted to let you guys as his bosses know how awesome I think he and West LA Music are. If you can, promote him! He's the best salesman I know. And an all round great human being.

Hi Mr. Waite,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how pleased I am with the quality of customer service you have in your audio software department.  I recently had some hardware/software issues and one of your representatives named Ryan Mason really helped sort me out.  He’s very knowledgeable and just a cool guy to work with.  I love West L.A. Music and always come to you guys first; Ryan’s a good example of why.
Just thought his boss ought to know.

Take care,

Ps. Some day I’m going to get my picture on that wall!
Lattanzi would especially like to thank George, Willie and everyone at West L.A. Music for going beyond the call of duty with their Professionalism and Pricing! Call or visit WEST L.A. MUSIC @ 3501 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 845-1145 (Ask for George or Willie and mention Mike Lattanzi for a special Discount!)

Dear Mel:

I have just received the Flextone II XL amp that I purchased from you. The amp is an absolute beauty, but this was to be expected, given all the great reviews. What I did not expect, however, was the excellent personalized service that you offer. You went out of your way to get me an incredible deal, and kept me informed of the status of my order all the way through. Being a first-time customer at West L.A. Music, I never felt like a stranger - it actually felt like I was one of the " big shots" in your ads!!

I will surely be calling you back any time I am in need of musical equipment. In the meantime, I will be referring my friends to you (thanks for the business cards!).

Hasta pronto,

Orlando Mercado-Rosado

Hello, my friend;

The head IS here! It took some time but it arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks for the job you did sending it by regular mail. It's amazing to think I can count on a music shop that is in California like if it was in my neighbourhood in Spain! I'll let you know whenever I need an other American drum.

Take care, all the best


Dear Rick,

A huge, no, let me start over... A HUGE thanks for organizing Gabi's 18th Birthday present. I knew that when I saw you on Thursday, late afternoon, that my request might be a little difficult to fulfill... getting a Dean Studio Deluxe guitar from New York to Los Angeles by this morning. What can I say other than... thank you , thank you, and thanks again. When it comes to customer care no one does it better! I can't thank you enough. The guitar is absolutely beautiful and I am sure that she will love it.

Also, please pass on my appreciation to the other folks who assisted in getting this together, your Dean representative as well as the Dean people in New York. They sent a fabulous instrument and also, no doubt, jumped through some hoops to make this happen.

What can I say other than, West L.A. Music Rocks!! I will call you next week to let you know how the birthday surprise came off. I already know that the present of the guitar will be a huge hit! Thanks!

All my best,

Neil Resnick


I got my order over the weekend, and it looks great! Thanks for the great deal and the wonderful service! I will for sure buy from you again in the future.

Thanks again,


Hello Rick,

My saga to purchase an AKAI 3020 Controller and AKAI 3030m Sound Module has spanned about nine months. The first music store I contacted in San Diego totally "spaced out" my order to the extent that I became so frustrated with the "lack of attention" that I cancelled the order.

Unfortunately, I was destined to repeat this experience with a second music store in LA as well as MusiciansFriend.com. Hence the "nine month ordeal."

Finally, I was lucky to get in touch with Christopher Frierson at your store. Chris is incredible! Chris was always very friendly and efficient while he:

confirmed what I was trying to purchase when I called in
researched the item with AKAI
called me back within an hour as he said he would
verified when the AKAI Rep would be in your store so he could verify pricing and availability
sent follow-up emails and phone calls to keep me in the information loop
and, to expedite my order, he placed the order directly with the AKAI Rep when he was in your store recently

All of this leads me to say DAMN SPAM! You've got an excellent employee with Chris. And I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate his help and his professionalism during this process!

Thanks for your time and best regards,

Mark S. Griffith

Good evening,

I came into your West LA location on Monday night looking for a classical guitar. Noel demonstrated and let me play the best of the best but I could not make up my mind. Next he very patiently demonstrated Gibson acoustic and Taylor acoustic guitars that I also played but once again I still didn't get that feeling that said, "take me home." After several electric guitars including a very nice Gibson ES335 Noel introduced me to the PRS McCarty Hollowbody Spruce and wow! This is absolutely the finest guitar I have ever played, owned, and loved. Noel is absolutely the most patient and attentive sales person I have ever dealt with at any guitar shop. Once again I am a confirmed West LA Music customer. Thank you.

David Puckett
Completely ecstatic owner of a new PRS guitar.


Ronnie Grinel here from the Rick Springfield "Flying Circus and Traveling Extravaganza". Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much we love and appreciate doing business with you and your staff. I would especially like to let you know the extra mile Noel Gould went to put his head together with the people at Digidesign to support us in getting the greatest deal possible in the short time line we had to accomplish our goals in buying our HD system. Noel made sure West LA once again raised it's head above the crowd in making it a pain free experience. When I leave "some" retailers I feel like I have been run over by a bus and need several days therapy in anger management. When we leave West LA, Noel , you, and your staff get us out with a smile on our face. Not an easy task when you have spent 30 to 40 K. What the heck.......give Noel a raise......... but only of course...... if it doesn't affect our great discount! (JUST KIDDING!!!!)

Send our love and thanks to all. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

Ronnie Grinel
Rick Springfield


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I was with the L.A. store manager Rick and also Tony. I met them both at the Taxi convention and it was a pleasure. You have an incredible bunch of guys and gals working for you. I will buy all of my future equipment from you all. I just bought the Yamaha Motif 8 while attending the conference from you. Oh by the way..... could you check and see if my order has been processed yet? I am dying to try it out. I told my daughter that it sounded just like heaven to me, or at least what I thought heaven would be like.

The guys treated my daughter so good, they really made her feel great with their compliments. She is only 13 and she sang at the open mic one night and really did great, but Tony and Rick were so nice to her she will never forget it.

Thanks again and we will see you again next year.

Dan Taylor

I just wanted to thank you for a very pleasant shopping experience at West LA Music. I stopped by the Universal City store last month to shop for my first Taylor guitar. I was a bit nervous because it was my first time purchasing a high-end guitar and I previously had several bad experiences at Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks. I was probably in the acoustic *quiet* room for several minutes (which was great!) before John Graves popped his head in and asked if I needed any assistance. He was helpful, but not pushy. He found a brand new 314ce in the back and answered all of my questions about it. He then gave me a really fair price and I was on my way. He gave me his business card and said that I could call him anytime with questions!

About 2 weeks later, I receive