Robert DeLeo, Stone Temple Pilots Bassist,
Checks Out Recording Gear at West L.A. Music

left to right: Robert DeLeo, Derek Snyder

LOS ANGELES, CA — Robert DeLeo recently stopped by West L.A. Music to check out the latest recording gear to upgrade his studio. Derek Snyder of West L.A. Music was happy to answer his questions and demonstrate the latest concepts in digital recording technology.

Stone Temple Pilots recently completed their new CD, "Shangri-La Dee Da." The ideas for the CD started forming in the Summer of 2000 during two North American tours -- first with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the next as headliners on MTV's "Return of the Rock" fall trek. The band started recording in early 2001 after moving into a palatial Malibu villa.

DeLeo, when asked about the new CD, said, "We had the chance to make our recording atmosphere a home atmosphere. A lot of times, for me, songs are written at home, because that's the most comfortable place to be open with myself. And that's what we did on this record -- we created a home space to write these songs and put these songs together. We were able to be close with each other. There was no excuse not to be."

Fresh off the "Family Values" tour to promote their fourth CD, "Shangri-La Dee Da," the Stone Temple Pilots are gearing up to play at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, which starts February 8 and runs through February 24.

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