West L.A. Music Delivers 104 Pro Tools Systems
to Liberty Livewire

left to right: George Adjieff, General Manager of West L.A. Music, with Bill Johnston,
Vice President of Engineering for the Liberty Livewire Audio Division

LOS ANGELES, CA — September 18, 2001 - West L.A. Music delivered 104 Digidesign Pro Tools systems to Liberty Livewire Corporation, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. This is one of the largest purchases of Digidesign products in the film and television industry, and represents a major commitment to the Pro Tools platform. The systems will be used for recording and editing audio for film and television post production applications.

Working closely with West L.A. Music audio consultants George Adjieff and Joe Taupier, Johnston selected 104 Digidesign Pro Tools MixPlus digital audio recording and editing workstations, 228 Digidesign 888/24 eight channel interfaces for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, and 71 Digidesign Universal Slave Driver synchronization devices.

Also included was an extensive set of Pro Tools plug-ins including ReverbOne, Soft Sample Cell sample player and editor, Focusrite d2 equalization software, Focusrite d3 compressor/limiter, Drawmer Dynamics compressor plug-in software, iLok USB Smart Key copy protection system, and Pitch Doctor pitch correction software.

Liberty Livewire also purchased 71 Waves TDM Gold Bundle software packages, the premier effects and dynamics processing plug-ins for Pro Tools, as well as 71 Macintosh G4 computers custom configured by West L.A. Music.

These acquisitions will allow Livewire to manage and move media for their own Pro Tools sessions seamlessly. From editing stations to the larger television and feature dubbing stages, Liberty Livewire's elite audio post-production staff is now able to strengthen their pool of creative and technical talent, and production time is maximized with high bandwidth connectivity.

Liberty Livewire needed a supplier with the ability to act quickly and respond to their specific needs. Bill Johnston, Vice President of Engineering for the Liberty Livewire Audio Division, said, "We chose West L.A. Music because of their reputation in the industry and because they were the best choice for a sale of this size. Sometimes going with the largest volume dealer has its advantages and West L.A. Music was really straightforward to deal with. After an extensive review of digital audio workstations over the past year, we concluded that Pro Tools was clearly our best choice."

"It was a pleasure to work with the leader in the commercial and entertainment post-production business," commented West L.A. Music's Joe Taupier. "The folks at Liberty Livewire seemed to appreciate our ability to listen and respond to their requirements, and they continue to depend on West L.A. Music for their audio needs.''

Liberty Livewire Corporation is the world's leading independent provider of technical and creative services to the feature film, television and advertising industries. The company provides a wide range of traditional audio and video post-production services, plus transmission, library, and audio/video distribution services to worldwide clients.

Liberty Livewire has facilities in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, London, San Francisco, Singapore, and Barcelona. The Liberty Livewire Audio Division combines all of the Company's sound, post-production, editorial and mixing businesses into one unit.

One of Livewire's major brand names for post-production services is Todd-AO Studios. Todd-AO is a leader in commercial and entertainment post production, with 23 post-production studios throughout the Los Angeles area. Nineteen films mixed at Todd-AO have won Academy Awards, including Apollo 13, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, West Side Story, Out of Africa and Last of the Mohicans. In addition, Todd-AO creative personnel have received 21 Emmy Awards for sound mixing and sound editing, including Cheers, Mission Impossible and Hill Street Blues.

In 1986, Todd-AO acquired Glen Glenn Sound, a pioneer in television sound. Glen Glenn Sound provided audio services to some of the most memorable shows on television, including I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Mayberry RFD, My Three Sons, Mission Impossible, Get Smart and Wild Wild West.

SounDelux, another Livewire brand name for post production services, was formed in 1982 by Lon Bender and Wylie Stateman, who built the company into one of the leading independent audio post-production companies in the entertainment industry. SounDelux provides audio post-production services to the motion picture and television industries, including sound and music supervision, scoring, ADR and Foley. SounDelux has been on the cutting edge of the motion picture sound design and sound editing industry for over 19 years. Lon Bender is now the President of Liberty Livewire Audio Division, and Wylie Stateman serves as Executive Vice President.

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