WLAM Keeps Linkin Park Rockin' on the Road and at Home with Pro Tools Rigs and Other Essential Gear

LOS ANGELES, CA — Linkin Park has dominated the airwaves with a powerful concoction of old-school hip-hop, traditional classic rock, heavy metal and DJ rapping and scratching. Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theory, sold 6 million copies in the U.S. and more than 11 million worldwide, making it the best-selling record in America last year -- overwhelming albums by Jay-Z, 'NSync and Britney Spears. It still sells nearly 100,000 copies a week. Linkin Park is also nominated for three Grammys on February 27th, including Best Rock Album and Best New Artist.

Joe Hahn, a twenty-five-year-old Korean-American who conceives and directs videos for the band, adds a unique flavor to Linkin Park by scratching on custom-pressed discs of his own samples (he does not use other artists' records). Hahn and Myron Settle, his technical specialist, started working with West L.A. Music's Noel Gould, professional studio designer and recording expert, in September of 2001.

Hahn explains how the band treats their music as a business as well as an art: "We're the only guys that really get it. This is our career, and we take it seriously." Linkin Park does much of their writing on the road and on the tour bus, so it's important to have the gear to keep the creativity flowing. With Gould's help, they acquired the gear necessary to make it happen, including a ProTools Mix3+ system with an Apogee AD 8000 converter, dual 18 gig Glyph hot swappable rack mount hard drives, RolandXV5080 sound modules loaded with symphonic strings, DigiDesign MX001 systems, DJ equipment, and over 20 Ibanez guitars to autograph for promotional use. Linkin Park played 324 shows last year, almost a gig a day. From your friends at West L.A. Music, we say congratulations, Linkin Park, and keep on rockin'!

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