West L.A. Music and Zildjian Hold Drum Clinic
Featuring New Zildjian Artist Marco Minnemann

Marco Minnemann performing at West L.A. Music drum clinic

LOS ANGELES, CA — West L.A. Music and world-renowned cymbal makers Zildjian, held the Marco Minnemann Extreme Drum Clinic at West L.A. Music on September 30, 2004. Mr. Minnemann, a newly sponsored Zildjian artist, delighted the audience with his ninety-minute exhibition of drumming with "extreme independence" a technique Marco developed based on his own unique exercises and visualization patterns. Marco demonstrated how to employ this technique when playing jazz, funk, rock and raggae and took questions from the audience revealing many of the secrets that have made him an international drumming sensation. Marco enlightened attendees with thorough explanations of his drum set-up including his extensive drum pedal arsenal, which he uses to play drums and cymbals in ways never done before. The clinic proved to be an upbeat and educational presentation.

There to see Marco perform were several well known drummers including Ray Luzier from the David Lee Roth Band, Glen Sobel from the L.A. rock band Beautiful Creatures, legendary drummer Jim Keltner, and Gary Dourdan lead actor on the Emmy award winning television show "CSI."

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For more information about Marco Minnemann visit www.marcominnemann.com.