West L.A. Music and Roland Give Away Thousands in Prizes
at the Roland Music and Sound Expo

L to R: Ted Watson of Roland, Gary King, Gayle Suzanne Webster, Sa Desa,
Leslie Waller of West L.A. Music, Donny Baker, and Joey DeLuxe.

LOS ANGELES, CA — On September 12, 13, and 14, 2002, West L.A. Music and Roland presented an exciting three-day event for composers, producers, and songwriters called the Roland Music and Sound Expo. This event featured seminars on Film and Television Scoring, CD Mastering, Urban Production Basics, Electronic Percussion, and Digital Recording Master Classes, and more. Highlights of the weekend included a live demo from Ellis Hall (multi-instrument virtuoso and former lead singer of Tower of Power), and an informative seminar on "How to Get Your Music to the Right People" by Taxi.com President Michael Laskow. Many valuable prizes were awarded the following week, including a Roland XV-5050 64-voice synthesizer module, a Boss BR-532 digital studio, a Boss SP-505 groove sampling workstation, and two Boss BR-1180CD digital recording studios with CD burners.

The prize winners were drawn from the hundreds of registration forms gathered at the event. The winners have big plans for their new gear. Gary King--winner of the Boss BR-532 digital studio--is an R&R/pop singer/songwriter working on his first album who recently moved to Los Angeles from Boston. He is looking forward to putting his newly-won BR532 4-track digital recorder to good use. "I'm excited to use the BR523 in tandem with my existing computer-based recording setup, and especially for remote recordings. It'll give me a chance to hone my recording chops, and it's perfect for taking over to other people's houses for collaborations," King said.

Donny Baker took home the Roland XV-5050 64-voice synthesizer module, a favorite of film composers and arrangers. A former touring technician, Donny Baker is now active as a commercial sound system designer and installer, working on his third disk of recording loops and samples for use with Acid, Pro Tools, and Digital Performer. He will complete an electronic jazz dance CD in 2003. Find out more at www.opencallproduction.com.

Sa Desa--winner of the Boss SP-505 groove sampling workstation--is a singer/songwriter in the midst of composing her first CD. She divided her undergraduate studies between music composition at Harvard and film scoring at USC. "I recently converted from using sound modules to samples, and the SP-505 will be great for all the drum and bass sounds that I didn't have in my sample library," Desa said.

Joey Deluxe won a Boss BR-1180CD digital recording studio with a built-in CD burner. For over a decade, Joey DeLuxe has played clubs and scoring films in San Francisco, New York, and Paris. A Los Angeles native, DeLuxe combines blues and funk influences into an original lounge-rock act that vocally combines the sexy crooning of Matt Johnson of The The with the sophisticated lyricism of Tom Waits. He is signed with Centropolis Records, founded by Hollywood blockbuster team Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin ("Independence Day"). Joined by percussionist Bob Street, DeLuxe regularly performs live with acoustic guitar for a growing number of followers. "The BR1180 CD will be a great asset for my live shows," DeLuxe said.

Gayle Suzanne Webster--also a winner of a Boss BR-1180CD--is an accomplished Canadian lyricist with a background rich in jazz and rock. Her father was an accomplished jazz pianist, and her brother was Billy Idol's bass player. Her lyrical style spans all music genres. She was looking to assemble a home studio that would be easy to use, and she is thrilled with her new digital recording workstation. "The BR1180 CD will be the cornerstone of my new home studio," Webster said.

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