Sheila E performs at West L.A. Music

Sheila E's father, Pete Escovedo, joins her on stage for a duet on timbales and congas
LOS ANGELES, CA — On Wednesday, September 3, 2003, West L.A. Music presented a drum clinic featuring legendary percussionist Sheila E. It was an exciting evening for over 300 fans in attendance. The event was sponsored by Paiste, Toca, Vic Firth, Shure and DW.

The event began with a touching introduction by Sheila's father, Pete Escovedo, a percussion great himself who influenced Sheila's career and encouraged her to start playing music. The crowd received an unexpected treat when her father later joined her on stage for a duet featuring Pete on the timbales and Sheila on the congas.

Percussionist, Sheila E, demonstrates her drumming techniques to an enthusiastic crowd at West L.A. Music
Sheila explained and demonstrated her extraordinary percussion and drumming techniques including soul, funk, rock, pop, fusion, gospel and Latin jazz styles. Several lucky West L.A. Music customers were invited on stage to improvise with Sheila during the clinic. The grand finale included twenty attendees joining her to perform a rousing version of her Top 10 single "Glamorous Life."

After the clinic, Sheila signed autographs and answered questions in West L.A. Music's Drum Department.

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