World's Fastest Drummers Break Guinness World Records
at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California

World's Fastest Hands: Jotan Afanador (1st place) and Glen Sobel (2nd place)

HOLLYWOOD, CA — January 22, 2002 - The sticks were flying and the people were cheering as the World's Fastest Drummer competition began at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, sponsored by West L.A. Music. The contestants competed for the title of World's Fastest Hands and World's Fastest Feet. Fox TV and Channel 13 representatives covered the event. The World's Fastest Drummer is endorsed by the Guinness Book of World Records and will be televised for XSTV, a regular Extreme Sports Show on the Fox network. It is planned to get at least three six-minute segments for 2002 programming, not including reruns. The show will air in 17 million homes for the first run, then 47 million in syndication.

Many drummer celebrities showed up for the festivities, including John Blackwell (Cameo, Prince, Patti LaBelle), Bermuda Schwartz (Weird Al Yankovic), and Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown). The show was refereed by Rikki Rockett (the drummer from Poison). In addition, the WFD organization was on hand including creator Boo McAfee; WFD Ring Girls; Guinness World's Fastest Drummer, Johnny Rabb; and the WFD Fastest Feet Champion, Tim Waterson. While most fastest feet competitors scored 600-900 strokes in 60 seconds, Tim Waterson floored everyone with a score of 1407 using a double bass drum pedal, creating a new Guinness World Record.

This year, many young talented drummers emerged to claim their titles. All competitors' drum beats were measured by an electronic measuring device called the "Drumometer" (see for 60 seconds. Jotan Afanador, a 20-year-old drummer from New York, nailed the title of World's Fastest Hands, with Glen Sobel of the popular band "Beautiful Creatures" grabbing second place. As for the World's Fastest Feet, Doug Pellerin from Bakersfield ran away with it toes down. Hot on his heels was Andre Island (15 years old) in second place. Over $4000 in prizes were awarded, including a D.W. 4x14 collectors copper snare, 72 pairs of customized ProMark sticks, a demo bass drum head pack, an Axis longboard double pedal, Pearl Chad Smith signature snare drums, Warner Bros video packs, and a Meinl "RabbPack" of cymbals.

World's Fastest Feet: Andre Island (2nd place) and Doug Pellerin (1st place)

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